You want your private information to stay that way.
Edmodo is dedicated to keeping you protected—online and off.

Our Commitment

Edmodo was founded six years ago to provide K-12 teachers, school officials, students, and parents with a closed, private learning network that they could use to connect and collaborate with each other. Today, educators, students, and parents from around the world have signed up to use Edmodo as their preferred learning platform. One key reason: our longstanding commitment to user privacy.

Edmodo is different from many other education technology companies. Created by educators for educators, we have a direct relationship with the teachers, parents, and students using our platform. Because of that, user trust is critical to us. That's why we've built a number of privacy protections directly into our product, including the following:

  • Students cannot create an account by themselves; they can only do so if they're invited by their teacher and given a unique Group Code.
  • The only personally identifiable information that students need to provide to create an account is their first and last name.
  • Edmodo doesn't collect geo-location tracking information.
  • Edmodo doesn't rent or sell student information to third parties for marketing or advertising purposes.
  • Parental consent is required before Edmodo can be used by students under the age of eighteen.
  • Parental involvement is built into the platform, and parents can create accounts to view their child's activity.
  • Students cannot privately communicate with each other. The teacher is always present and able to see everything that occurs on Edmodo.
  • Edmodo has numerous employees focused on privacy-related issues, including: a Chief Privacy Officer; a User Trust & Safety Team, made up of employees from almost every aspect of the company; and a team of security engineers, whose everyday responsibilities are to continually monitor and improve the safety and security of Edmodo's services.

At Edmodo, we're interested in improving learning, not commercializing it. We see it as part of our mission to educate our users on privacy-related issues and we've created this web page to provide educators, students, and parents with privacy best practices and guidelines, as well as industry resources.

Technology is powerful and can effectively change the future of education. We believe in the cause of enhancing student learning. We're passionate about it, we're committed to it, and we believe we can accomplish better learning outcomes and protect student privacy at the same time.


Edmodo privacy resources:

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Privacy resources for schools and educators:

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Edmodo is a completely safe learning environment. There are so many layers of protection built in and opportunities for student guidance without the clutter and confusion you typically see on other platforms.
Michael Cammilleri, 4th Grade Teacher, Ashley Elementary

One of the things I love most about Edmodo is that it allows students the freedom to share ideas, thoughts, and questions about what they're learning with their classmates and teachers—all within a safe and secure network that can only be accessed by teachers, parents, and students who have a special code specific to their group.
Michael Bruder, 4th Grade Teacher, Hilltop Drive Elementary School

Edmodo was created by two IT engineers who know the importance of keeping all stakeholders safe in the virtual world—that's why they developed such an inclusive platform where parents and administrators are involved. I have total control of my classroom so I can keep my students protected. It really has transformed the way I teach.
Sheryl Place, ELL Teacher, Miami Killian Senior High

Safety is of utmost importance for administrators in modern schools, and Edmodo is doubtless one of the safest internet learning platforms available. It's no wonder other schools are raving about its features and capabilities for both inter- and intra-school communication and collaboration. In my own distance-learning projects through Edmodo, my students have enjoyed collaborating with students at great distances and I've felt secure that they were safe from online intrusions. If that had not been the case, I would never have committed to an online learning setting.
Rachel Stokes, Teacher, Greenville Senior High Academy