Edmodo for Organizations

Outcomes improve when an entire community is invested.
Edmodo sets everyone in your organization up for success.

Empower Your Organization


Using the same functionality that gets individuals connected, Edmodo makes it easy to strengthen connections throughout an entire organization. With tools designed to increase collaboration and communication, discover how the world's leading education platform can help you engage your educators in even more meaningful ways.


Bring everyone together in one place

Leverage the power of your existing educator network and develop their skill set by establishing a public or private community on Edmodo, where teachers can get (or give) advice, share resources, and support one another's successes.

Create Your Community

PD Tools

Build teacher capacity even further

Streamline organization-wide professional development by using Edmodo to distribute materials and foster best practices. Have an app that drives your development? Edmodo can install it for your members and grant automatic access to everyone from the start.

Manage Your PD


Curate content that drives mastery

Securely centralize and sync all of your resources in an exclusive environment that only your members can access. With a dynamic repository, Edmodo makes it easy to discover, collect, and share valuable content that augments lesson plans and supports learning objectives.

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