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(To view my Edmodo "STORY OF ONE," click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0upMfLdgTs&sns=em ) STUDENTS: I am so happy to be your Honors English/ Language Arts teacher. Click here to go back to the main class website: http://www.dalesdigitalclassroom2.weebly.com . ------------------ COLLEAGUES: So happy to serve you as an EDMODO SUPPORT AMBASSADOR and as one of the first cohort members of CERTIFIED EDMODO TRAINERS trained by Edmodo! Most importantly, I am your peer trekking deep down in the wonderful "trenches" of the classroom. Isn't it wonderful to be an educator! I LOVE networking and COLLABORATING with other teachers around the globe who are as passionate about the classroom as I am. I enjoy this so much so that I have created an Edmodo group for teachers-- "COLLABORIZE MY CLASS!" -- which has grown from three English teachers to nearly 500 teachers of ALL content areas from all around the globe...and still growing every day! If you're interested in joining our little group, here is the request to join code: href=http://www.edmodo.com/link?url=http://www.edmodo.com/join/660ea7d42953229224cf75594d380cea

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