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HELLO Everyone! I have the BEST job in the world! I teach ESOL at Hapeville Elementary School and I have some of the BEST students ever! Originally from Lima, Peru and of French-Peruvian background, I am an American citizen now. I still visit my family overseas and will retire in my home country eventually! I am entering my 26th (!!!) year teaching and I have taught many subjects over the years including: High School Spanish and French, English to adults in the community, Survival Spanish to Teachers as a professional development course, and both second and third grades. Also, I have taught Spanish and French to middle schoolers. Last year I was lucky to be selected to serve on the Technology Leadership Forum for Fulton County. I learned more about my PASSION...Instructional technology! It has truly helped me with my ELL students and I've learned so much! (although there is so much more to learn!) Please friend me if you are a " techie" or self-affirmed instructional tech geek.....you're my kind!:-) Overall, I am very EXCITED to be here at HAPEVILLE! GOOOOOO HAWKS!

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