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Hi' I am Mike Johansen.I have been teaching art for about 33 years. I enjoy the artistic process and I like working with young people. This has made the last 33 years very satisfying and fulfilling. I graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA degree in 1977. Since then I have attended Clemson, The University of South Carolina, Furman, USC Upstate, & Southern Wesleyan University (where I earned my Masters in Education degree).I enjoy all forms of art but my favorite is working with clay.  I took a "filler" ceramics class in college learning to make pottery. I really enjoyed it and I have spent many hours since working with clay.  After moving to South Carolina I started working with Southern Brick Company making brick sculptures. Using unfired brick as the base then shaping and carving the unfired brick, numbering each brick then firing the brick to be laid up as part of the wall. These brick sculptures can be found in various parts of South Carolina and nearby states.    I really feel that family is important. My wife and I have been married  43 years. We have twelve children and 43 grandchildren.  I enjoy spending time with my wife, children and grand children. Thus far we have been able to get everyone together every other year for a family reunion in addition to b-days holidays etc. I also like rock collecting and fossil hunting. I still find the world a fascinating place and there are many things I still look forward to learning.  
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