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I teach high school art because I enjoy seeing students surprise themselves. Many come to class having decided already (in their elementary years) that they are NOT artistic or creative. Or, others come with years of experience and innate aptitude. Regardless, through the course of one semester or a year, most discover (or remember) that the process of making art is deeply gratifying. Sometimes their final artwork is a gem; but not always... Sometimes making art is like conducting a science experiment, there may be more to gain from the process than the final product which can turn out disappointing. The most important gain for my students is that they learn more about themselves, others, and the visual world around them. Most people think that making art is manipulating materials, using techniques, and developing skills, but that's only part of the art making process. Art is more than making something with your hands; it is a cognitive process that requires personal expression, engagement, focus, imagination, idea generation, exploration, analysis, synthesis, and problem solving. These are the necessary skills students will grow in and use for the rest of their lives. Simply, making art involves the head, heart and hands!
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