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For awhile I had your basic "who am I" information here. Truth is, I am far from normal, so basic can't always cut it for me. I dropped out of high school, eventually dropped back in (GED), and then earn three degrees from the Univeristy of Texas. I am a super young grandmother (Case 11 and Leia nearly 5)- I love every moment of it too. I am a cancer survivor and an eternal optimist. I don't see a glass as half empty or half full. I see both and I pour the half empty into the half full and DRINK IT UP!!! I dream of being a forensic pathologist when I grow up, but for now, my love for teaching sustains me. I am particularly fond of teaching seniors, so lucky me, that is what I do. I'd like to jump from an airplane (with a parachute) and have already bungied off the world's highest bungee bridge in South Africa and parasailed off a mountain in Switzerland, which brings me to my love of travel. With 23 countries already under my belt (maybe that's why my waist feels so thick), I am over half way to my bucket list of 50 countries to visit before I go. I have way too many animals and a house that is lived in and lively, thanks to my two dogs, three cats, one parrot - oh, and a fish pond full of fish. I have a soft spot for animals, love plants (I have 36 plumeria plants) and anything to do with H2O! I'd live on a beach, surf and build sand castles all day if I could pay the bills doing it. I write movie reviews, teach water fitness classes and am a transporter of troubled teens to camps and schools, where they can get help. I also dabble in poetry, fiction writing, and I love to read.

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