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Hi Everyone! I graduated in 2011 from a Bachelor of Human Resource Management at Macquarie University. After a challenging yet rewarding 3 years of university life I began searching for my dream career in the big business world. After spending the last year and a half getting to know the ins and outs of the business world I began to realise I wasn't completely satisfied. Many close friends and family around me have enjoyed their journey towards becoming classroom teachers and I have since began experience in a primary school classroom voluntarily. This rewarding experience had motivated me to apply for my Masters in Primary Teaching at ACU in Strathfield and since being accepted have begun my own journey towards becoming an amazing K-6 school teacher! Outside of university, I work in a fantastic retail store close to home with a great team behind me and have had may wonderful experiences. I enjoy attending local soccer matches particularly since the new Western Sydney Wanderers have joined the league and I love supporting these teams with my family on a weekly basis. My weekends entail work, weddings, luncheons and shopping sprees!
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