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About Mrs. Jennifer Bond

I am a third grade teacher who loves to integrate technology, creativity, and passion into my teaching. I love cheering others to technology integration, especially about edmodo! I was recently honored to be one of the first Edmodo Distinguished Mentors, a group of educators that can help with professional development and help educators become active edmodo users! In addition, I am serving as a Edmodo Support Ambassador! I am a regular presenter at the technology conferences in Michigan, and I am looking forward to presenting at ISTE for second time this summer! In the Spring of 2012, I was honored to have my class filmed for the documentary, Look I'm Learning! (http://www.lookimlearning.org) In addition, I serve on the organization team for EdCamp Detroit! I am looking forward to another great year of learning the unconference way! My classroom loves to connect and collaborate with others. We love having Skype guests,using Minecraft, having BYOD days each week, tweeting to our families and friends about the highlights of our days,using our school iPad cart, and creating class blogs about our learning! (http://diaryofacrayfish.blogspot.com/) I have been involved with Destination ImagiNation, a global creative problem solving compeition, since 1999. It is a great after-school activity to foster independence, creativity, team-building, problem solving, and having fun! To learn more about this great program, go to href=http://www.edmodo.com/link?url=http://www.idodi.org or visit my wiki: href=http://www.edmodo.com/link?url=http://parentsunderconstruction.wikispaces.com/Creativity+in+Children Skype: Teamthirdgrade Twitter: TeamBond2012 (Classroom/Student Tweets) TeamBond (Professional Tweets) Webpage: href=http://www.edmodo.com/link?url=http://www.wlcsd.org/webpages/jbond/ Blog: href=http://www.edmodo.com/link?url=http://edtechcheerleader.com

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