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Edmodo integrates with a variety of services and student information systems (SIS) to help administrators streamline access and user management.

Solution Single Sign-On (SSO) Provisioning Rostering Gradebook
Bulk Account Creation
Office 365
Identity Automation
LDAP/Custom Identity Provider


Easy to roll out and support, Edmodo Integrations securely manage tasks so you dont't have to. These integration solutions are modular and can be combined to meet a district's unique needs.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Simplify logging into Edmodo using popular SSO credentials like Google, Office 365, Clever, and ClassLink. Institutions can also set up custom SSO with their preferred service providers.

Account Provisioning & Rostering

Synchronize your data using services such as Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS) or OneRoster, and Classlink to automatically create user accounts and add students to classroom groups on Edmodo. Or you can Integrate directly with your SIS using one of Edmodo’s third-party integrator partners.

Customized Integrations

In addition to the out-of-the-box integrations listed in the table above, Edmodo supports standard OAUTH 2.0 & SAML protocols for single Sign-on (SSO). This allows Edmodo to authenticate with your chosen identity provider. For provisioning and rostering, Edmodo will work with your district to build a customized solution, or if you choose, you may contract one of our tech integrator partners to build a custom solution on your behalf.

Key Features

Designed to simply rollout and support, Edmodo Integrations securely manage tasks so you don't have to

Edmodo provides secure integration capabilites and supports standard protocols such as OAUTH 2.0, SAML, and OneRoster

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