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I thoroughly enjoy teaching Advanced Placement (AP) Economics, (AP) Civics, Politics, Sociology and (AP) Psychology. I am presently enjoying the bid(s) before me as an E.L.A. instructor at the post secondary level in Saudi Arabia. My Educational Philosophy: (Itemized) 1: I am the C.E.L. (Chief Executive Learner and Listener) of my classroom. 2: Every student who has the desire, ability and willingness to learn, will learn. 3: Meet all of my learners with continuous high expectations. 4: Build meaningful rapport with my learners. 5: Engage. Deliver. Redirect. ( for both education and discipline) My Learning Strategies: 1: Inquiry-Based Teaching: Multiple Responses 2: Project-Based Learning 3: Enhanced Discovery Learning 4: Silent Way Method Learner Expectations: C - Come to class on time, prepared and willing to learn. P - Participate. R - Respectfully listen to the viewpoints of others. Quotes that continue to travel with me: "What I learned on my own I still remember." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Author "I am the C.E.L. ( Chief Executive Learner ) of my school." - Sandra Ervin, Principal "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father of the United States “The beliefs that students create, develop and hold to be true about themselves are vital forces in their successes or failures.” - Frank Pajares, Educational Psychologist Emory University

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