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“It is not about the technology; it’s about sharing knowledge and information, communicating efficiently, building learning communities and creating a culture of professionalism in schools. These are the key responsibilities of all educational leaders." ~ Marion GinapolisHi! I'm a 7th/8th grade Computer teacher in New Lenox, IL. I teach basic computer applications to 7th graders, and I teach 2 elective classes: Multimedia Production and Illustration Technology. I am also the Instructional Technology Coordinator for my district, so I have the privilege of supporting the district's technology initiatives and working with our amazing teachers.Technology has long been an interest to me, and I've been part of our district's technology journey from its start, working with our technology department for over 20 years. It's been an exciting ride!I love using Edmodo with my students, colleagues, and other classrooms and experts. The ability to share collective experiences and expertise with each other is very powerful. Edmodo is not only a platform for learning and social networking, but also a professional learning network for both students and educators.I look forward to each new day! I'd love to connect with other like-minded educators :)

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