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About Mrs. Ellen Gillis

The 2014-2015 school year will mark my tenth year teaching 4th grade language arts and social studies at Ashbel Smith Elementary. Originally from New Jersey, I received my undergraduate degree, a B.A. in English, from Trinity College in Washington, D.C. and began working in marketing promotions for a major telecommunications company in the NY metro area. I moved down to Texas with my husband and found another marketing position in downtown Houston. After about 11 years, I accepted a position in public relations at NASA Johnson Space Center and pursued my teaching degree at University of Houston - Clear Lake. I earned my M.S. in Early Childhood Education during my first year teaching at Ashbel Smith. Today, I reside in Seabrook with my husband Jeff, daughter Katie, and our beloved golden retriever, Belle. My family and I enjoy traveling, learning about new places and things, and are avid photographers. Students will become familiar with family photos we've taken that help them experience and write about places they may have never seen or heard about!  Nothing gives me greater pleasure as a teacher than to see students enjoying subjects they find intimidating, boring, or hard. It's my job to bring these subjects alive for them and view them through a new perspective. This sometimes requires drastic measures such as dressing up like an explorer we are studying, measuring out a T-Rex outline in the hallway so students can visualize what they are reading about, re-enacting a historical event out on the playground, or hunting for plastic eggs that contain grammar riddles or sentences requiring corrections. If the kids are up and moving, they're learning! 2014-2015 is going to be an excellent year! I have a great group of students with inquisitive minds, so there'll never be a dull moment!Ellen Gillis  4th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies  ellen.gillis@gccisd.net  281-420-4615

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