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I graduated with a newly minted teaching degree in the spring of 1995 and within two months we had sold our house and we moved to Las Vegas (with husband and two daughters, Aubrey 5 and Tayler 2.5). I began teaching fourth grade in an inner city school in the heart of down town. It was a long drive from where we moved so the next school year I transferred to a brand new school that was opening and into a third grade teaching position. This was at the same time I began working on my Master's Degree. I became a reading specialist two years later. In 2000 I assisted in opening the State of Nevada's first on-line charter school. This was a great endeavor. It was also the time that I began working on my doctoral degree. In 2003 I changed it up again and went to teaching eighth grade English. I had so much fun that year! At the end of this year my principal asked me to take on the role of New Teacher Mentor for the Northeast Area. I learned a lot about teaching and teachers during this time. In 2006 we moved to Utah and I worked as a Staff Developer and District Literacy Trainer, but we missed the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas and moved back in the summer of 2009. Since then I have worked at Molasky Jr. High School in a variety of positions: 8th grade English teacher, Learning Strategist, and now Title I Learning Strategist specializing working with content area teachers to integrate the new Common Core State Standards in Literacy into their classrooms.

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