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I have founded http://AdAstraEducation.org, a not for profit to develop innovative STEM curricula, particularly the engineering program designed in response to my experience running such a program for two years. The Exploring Engineering Curriculum is aimed at grades-9-10, is a full year curriculum aimed at teaching students: electricity electronics Arduino programming How to effectively do independent research How to work in teams on projects Managing time and planning projects In addition, we are developing units to give away based on seeing what teachers need here on Edmodo and in other venues. We are happy to share these units, collaborate on writing new ones, and supporting them with any teachers willing to work on improving new materials. I hope you'll consider contacting us if you have a need for something at the junction between math,science, and computation. You can follow on twitter @AdAstraEdu A gallery of our work will show on http://AdAstraEducation.org/gallery My favorite STEM reading: http://adastraeducation.org/?p=180

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