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About Ms. Deepali Gandhi

I am an Educator for Middle School in The Galaxy Education System, Rajkot since 1997. I believe that school is not just a place of learning content area but a place of learning about life, self-acceptance and the journey that one will take after the school. I am glad to take the opportunity to support my learners to discover their own personalities by facilitating them in the classroom – A classroom of a unique community of learners - with individual learning preferences, differences and needs that vary in abilities and learning styles. My learners have given me the purpose to Enter in to their world through the medium of making Mathematic learning meaningful and interesting. The challenge for me is how to create a lively motivating environment to relate the mathematical concepts to deal with the real life situations and make my learners critical thinkers and effective problem solvers. All my attempts will be to establish the environment where they express their opinions, nurture their own ideas and remove the infractions with the useful tools like EDMODO and become effective practitioners of innovative modes of communication. I will ensure that they remain curious and imaginative, take initiatives, persevere to accomplish their dreams, remain focused and learn to respect, accept and embrace the individual differences, the core of what makes life so fascinating. I continue to reflect, grow and change each day right beside my learners.

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