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About Ms. Deanna Menchaca

After 14 years teaching in the same school, in 2012 I sought a change. Little did I know this change would mold me into a better teacher and guide me to a more defined career path. Teaching is my passion and coming to Otis Brown reignited my desire to learn new things. Through excellent leadership with a growth mindset I was encouraged to push myself and my 1st graders into the digital world. As our campus took on more digital learning opportunities I became increasingly interested in sharing my passion with others. In fall 2014 I will start my new role as Instructional Technology Specialist. I am thrilled to be presenting at Edmodocon 2014 and recently selected to be an Edmodo Ambassador!Follow me on Twitter: @deechacaCheck out my profile at: http://dmenchac8.wix.com/dmenchacaportfolio

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