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I have been an EFL teacher for more than 30 years. I taught freshman science and engineering students as well as graduate students from our Master's Applied Linguistics program at Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela. I retired in 2009 and have lived between Toronto, Bogota, Sydney and Caracas where members of my nuclear family live since then. I do not teach formally anymore, but try to participate once a year in Evo, where I have enjoyed learning from colleagues from all over the world since 2005. I have been fortunate to meet some Webheads at Tesol conventions in the past as well as in my travels. I am very excited to join this group since the brain has been one of my favorite topics since I took part in a seminar on How the Brain Works with Eric Jensen in San Diego in 1998. I have shared information about the brain with all of my students, my family and friends throughout the years and hope they remember some of the ideas we have discussed and apply them to their lives. I am sure I will learn tons from and with you in this session. Thanks dear coordinators and participants for this great opportunity :-) http://youtu.be/C9nB-UKONdI The link above leads to a presentation about myself which I made last year at the Evo session Digitools 2012, using Animoto.
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