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Hi there! I adore teaching and you´ll see me smiling a lot :) I am a mom of two beautiful kids: Victor, a musician of 18 ,and Julia, an artist to be of 9. I have been a teacher for about 18 years now (maybe you calculate and get to my age, right?). Teaching kind of "forced" me into travelling a lot for my studies (and of course for fun!!) I went to the U.S, England, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, France, Greece, Switzerland, Portugal, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, etc..and eventually ended up living in some of these places..Back to Brazil, I taught independently at Odebrecht (GO), Cia Thermas do Rio Quente Resorts (GO), Mec-Inep (DF), CBV Hospital (DF), Laboratorio Sabin (DF). In Brasilia, I was a Spanish teacher at Instituto Cervantes, an associated center to the Spanish Embassy, then worked at the American Embassy for 6 years. Afterwards, I was very proud to join the Casa Thomas Jefferson team for two years when I was invited for a challenging work as a teacher at CCBEU in Carajás-Para, a gorgeous isolated place in the middle of the Amazon forest. Recently, I moved to Uberlandia where my family is settled, and where I´m looking foward to teaching at Cultura ;) hope to CU there

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