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You want to put the social in learning.
Edmodo gets your teachers and students connected.

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When everyone's on one network, collaboration is built right in.
We're the one your teachers and students are already using.

Join 88 of the 100 largest school districts in the U.S. already creating safe, collaborative learning environments on Edmodo. When you activate a school or district account, it's easy to:

  • Bring an entire school or district under one secure network
  • Facilitate personalized and blended learning across your district
  • Support professional growth and build teacher capacity
  • Build Professional Learning Communities
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Edmodo Plus for Schools
Assignments, Quizzes, Polls
Library (unlimited file storage)
Discover (classroom resources)
Global Educator Communities
Edmodo Sync
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unlimited unlimited + bonus features
OpenMinds (customizable practice games)
Lesson Sharing
Training Webinar Series
Instant PLCs
School & District Insights
Prioritized Support
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Success Stories

To make a real impact, educators need something that's proven.
We have schools and districts proving how they achieve real results.

The logo of Chesterfield Country Public Schools.

Blended Learning at Scale

Not going with a traditional LMS turned out to be a great decision, not just from a fiscal standpoint, but also in terms of teacher satisfaction and usage. If we purchased a more traditional LMS, a large percentage of our teachers may never have used it, or at least not to its capacity, without extensive training. - Dr. Adam Seldow, CCPS Executive Director of Technology

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Professional Development

Teachers like to continue their education, too.
We help you build teacher capacity.

You're interested in more than student outcomes; you also want to see your teachers positioned for success. Because we're dedicated to connecting all learners with the people and resources they need to reach their full potential, we've created programs that teach educators everything they need to know about Edmodo.

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